Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 2 Written Update 29 September 2021: Will Priya Get Married?

Bade achhe lagte hain 2 is going to be to interested day by day. Will Priya get married? In the previous episodes, we watch Meera try to make her understand that it is your correct decision to marry Ram Kapoor. Raj comes and said that he can’t able to find a car. Shubham said to Raj for taking care of Sandy. They said to guard pick the car from the 2nd gate., Ram should not know about this. Priya talks to a cab driver, Ram doesn’t know about this. Shubham drives the car. Shubham stops the sid and makes them understand Ram lover his family a lot and now Priya is also his family. He doesn’t want anyone to spoil his family life.

Ram said I don’t expect that this situation will come, I want to tell you about Meera. Nandani said okay, this is your marriage but how could you take this decision. Nandani said that she is so happy with his decision and ask about Shubham. On the other hand, Priya said I am going to the police station, Sandy is not well and I want to file a complaint. Meera makes her understand tomorrow is your marriage. Sandy says I am not much hurt. Priya gets angry and said no one can stop me, but Meera again comes to stop her. Primarily, Adi, Kunal, and Vikrant come to Ram and ask him about Priya if he loves Priya. Raam sees Shivanya. Ram said he loves Shivanya and that’s why he doing this marriage. Does everyone ask about Priya?

Today’s episode

Will Priya gets married? In the upcoming today’s episode, we will watch, Nandini talks about Ram’s marriage and said now she is worried about Ram’s marriage. Priya thinks about her mother will get worried seeing this stuff. Nandini asks will Priya’s father comes tomorrow in marriage. Ram answers that he doesn’t know about this, Priya wants her dad to attend the marriage, shall I invite him. For more latest updates stay connect with us. To read more about the next episode on 30th September 2021click here.

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