Bade acche lagte hai 2 Written Updates 30th September 2021: Did Ram Got Heartattack?

Bade acche lagte hai 2 is on air now, where we can see Ram is too loyal towards the Priya family. Or we can say Sood family. As we know Ram nature is so kind and polite. In the previous episode, we watch that Priya’s mother tells Nandani about the Marriage hall. Where Ram Kapoor already knows about this matter and he agrees to a marriage in the community hall. Nandni feels so bad because Ram supporting the Priya family. Here Priya’s family waiting for the taxi, suddenly Shubham’s car comes and he lost his control of the car, and sandy getting hurt. Priya click the picture of the car but it was a blur.

Priya wants to go police station to complain about a file against them. On the other side, Ram’s friend wants to know from Ram that he loves Priya or not. But Ram denies and he said they are like my family that’s it. In the upcoming episode, we will watch Nandni getting worried to see Ram’s behavior toward the Priya family. She thinks that Ram start ignoring her and he takes a decision which is never happening before. Priya’s father Mahender Singh and his all family want to destroy Priya’s marriage.

Upcomimg Episode

In the upcomimg episode of bade achhe lagta hai 2, we will watch that Ram getting ready for his marriage and looking so handsome. He discusses his feeling with his friend Vrinda. That he thought about Priya’s father being invited in their marriage, Brinda asks if Priya wants? Ram said she don’t say anything but I felt that every child wants a father in his or her marriage. No matter how was the father and his behavior towards her. And he invites the Mahender Sood in marriage. The biggest suspense we will watch in an episode is that Ram is ready for his marriage. And dancing with his friends and suddenly he got a pain in his chest and everyone getting worried. For more latest episodes stay connect with us. To read more about the 1st October episode click here.

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