Bade acche lagte Hai 2 Witten Updates 1st October 2021: Finally, Priya Get Married

Here in this blog, we going to tell you about the bade acche lagte hai 2 today’s upcoming episode. In the previous episode, we watched that Ram’s behavior toward the Sood family is so nice. He treats Priya’s mother like his mother. Give her lots of respect and care. He agrees to marry in the community hall because Priya’s mother wants. He considers Priya’s family as his family, Priya wants to file complaints against the car that hurt Sandy. But suddenly Saara gets the cupcakes order and she diverts the Priya and sends her to Bakery. Priya cook cupcakes and also doing a video call with Sara. She discuss Ram that she didn’t expect whatever he did for me. Sara tries to make her understand that he is a nice person at least you become a good friend.

Priya deny her and said Ram’s sister come to our home as a daughter in law that is why he did these things. Then she cut the cake and Ram Kapoor came to the bakery to receive his order and he starts thinking that he came here with Priya’s mother. He saw Prinya and know that this bakery is Priya’s. And he encourages it’s too nice to listen that your all sister is working. Then Priya say thank you to him for whatever he did for her in the engagement and go from there.

After reaching home Priya starts thinking about Ram and Ram’s personalities, looks. She starts Comparision herself to him, Priya thinks that she is so simple according to Ram. Then she saw the things that gives her stepmother a bag. Priya thinks it’s mom’s past which is not good for her and she got hurt if she saw these things. On the other side Ram Kapoor talking with his father’s photograph. He is worried about his responsibility and after Shivaniya’s marriage, he wants to settle down with Shubham.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 Upcoming Twist

In the upcoming episode of bade acche lage hai 2 When Ram Kapoor talking with his father photograph so his father stands in the black color car. Whereas Priya collects her mother’s past memory in which the number plate she has in the luggage is a match with Ram’s father’s car number plate. How it is possible and it will become a very big twist in the show. Primarily, when today Ram gets ready as a groom and enjoys his marriage and dancing with his friends. Suddenly got chest pain which is so painful he hold his chest and was not able to stand. Everyone gets so worried and holds him and sits. Priya is so happy and she is looking so gorgeous in bridal looks. For more updates stay connect with us.

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