JNU ex-student leader Kanhaiya Kumar joins Congress

JNU Kanhaiya Kumar joined the Congress party on Tuesday in presence of party pioneer Rahul Gandhi. He joined the party at the All India Congress Committee base camp in New Delhi. However, Gujarat Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani, as well, has shown up to openly endorse Congress. However, he was unable to join the party officially because of specialized reasons.

“I’m joining Congress since it’s not simply a party, it’s a thought. It’s nation’s most seasoned and most leftist alliance, and I am underlining on ‘democratic’…Not just me many figures that nation can’t get by without Congress,” the ex-CPI leader said in the wake of joining Congress.

“Congress party resembles a major boat, in case it’s saved, I accept many individuals’ yearnings, Mahatma Gandhi’s unity, Bhagat Singh’s mental fortitude and actually balance for BR Ambedkar will be secured as well. This is the reason I have gone along with it,” Kumar said.

Congress general secretary KC Venugopal considered Kanhaiya Kumar an image of “battling for the opportunity of articulation in the country”.

In the meantime, Mevani expressed, “I was unable to join the Congress officially because of specialized reasons. I’m a free MLA, on the off chance that I join a party, I may not proceed as an MLA… I’m important for the Congress philosophically will battle the impending Gujarat surveys from Congress image.”

Kumar is a previous leader of JNU and Mevani has a place with the Dalit people group.

The previous understudy pioneer was before with the Communist Party of India (CPI), which he joined in front of the 2019 general political decision. Kanhaiya then, at that point, challenged from his old neighborhood Begusarai in Bihar against BJP’s Giriraj Singh of the BJP however neglected to win.

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