Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 2 Written Updates 28th Sep 2021: Sandy Face Accident Today!

Bade acche Lagte hain season 2 is going to be too interested, Sandy face accident today. In the last episode, we watch lots of entertainment and enjoyment in the marriage function. Sandy said to they remove the video from mama’s mobile. Mami said she have a Priya video and she want to show everyone. She sits there and starts drinking a lot. Metri ask that you said she will go but she is still talking with each other. Then sandy pick her and go from there. Vikrant and Twinkle give their performance on “avayyi avyyii lut gya” everyone join them and enjoyed it. Sandy drops Mami in the room and removes that video. Sid and Raj come to Kapoor’s mansion. Raj calls Rakhi and said Sid is not well. Even he can’s able to walk now. Priya saw Neeraj and Sandy starts making jokes on them.

Ram said indirectly that someone said to him. We have to donate 20% of our earnings to helps others who can’t able to earn them. Shubham starts thinking that’s why our company starts donating. The Ram welcoming the enabled children. Priya saw them and said they are my NGO children Ram Kapoor said yes. We have to feel the music and enjoy it. Children start performing and Ram start singing. Everyone gets so happy and enjoys the function. But between all this Sid is not good and he said to Priya that you have to pay a big price.

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Priya’s Behen meets with an accident! Yes, friends, in tomorrow’s episode you will see that Ram’s mother asks Priya and her mother. If there is any problem between you two, is everything going well? Where Meera says yes there is no problem between us, everything is going well. On the other hand, you will see that Sid tries to teach the beloved a lesson, but then Shubham comes and stops him. The same you had recorded the video of Dekhege’s beloved and Neeraj. It falls in the hands of Ram’s mother.

Sandy Face Accident

After which Ram’s mother shows that video to Nandini, after which she says that this girl is something else from behind and there is something else in the front. We already did not like this girl. Only then you will see that when the beloved and his family go back home. But from the front, Sid and Shubham are coming from the car but their brakes fail and Priya’s been Sandy comes in front of their car. Sandy Face accident today, it will be interesting to see whether Sandy has an accident or not? To know more stay connected with our channel Thanwzpaper. Read more about the next 29th episode.

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