MTV Roadies Winner List: All Season, Prize Money, Picture

MTV Roadies has a special fan following and base. Roadies is undoubtedly one of the most popular television reality shows in India, and youth are basically crazy about this show. Roadies is a much more popular version of Road Rules; in fact, it is one of the most popular shows even after 30 seasons. The auditions follow the same process as the previous ones, and the show is hosted and judged by the popular and recognised faces of the industry like Nikhil Chinnappa, Rohtak, Raftaar , Laxman, and many more. Below, you can find the various season’s top winners.

Roadies will always be in a state of popularity because of the contestants bravery and their task adaptability. Roadies has the vibe of a youngster. Roadies basically means fearless, and here people are awaiting this new season of Roadies 2023.

Before getting into the new season of Roadies, you are required to know the previous year’s winners who got the tag of Roadies and became so popular that you can see Prince Narula as the judge of the show, who is the winner of Splitsvilla, Roadies, Big Boss, and Nach Baliye. On the other hand, Ranjveejay himself was the winner of Roadies a long time ago, and that’s what makes them more worthy to host the show and judge the contestants.

Ranvijay is very popular among you; there would be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about this personality. In fact, he is one of the most non-faces of MTV Roadies. After winning the show, he hosted a couple of seasons and eventually became a judge. He was a host, anchor, and presenter of Roadies, who brought new spices and entertainment to Roadies every year.

MTV season 1 winner

If we are talking about the season 1 winner of Roadies, that was when Rannvijay  Singh, whose body and personality take away the hearts of people, earned respect in Roadies.

MTV season 2 winner

Aayushman Khurana, who is the most popular actor at present, is a winner of MTV Roadies season 2. He actually requires no more introduction because he started his journey from Roadies, and now he is among the tallest actors in the Bollywood industry. He was a television ankle before deciding his journey in Bollywood.

MTV Roadies winner season 3

Parul Sahay from Delhi was the winner of the 3rd season; she was the very first lady to win the show and display the great strength of the first lady in the history of Roadies that took away the title of Roadies.

MTV Roadies winner season 4

Winner of MTV Roadies season 4 was Anthony Yeh. Anthony belongs to Kolkata. He made his mark on Roadies after winning season 4, but he was never seen on television as a lead actor or in our able to make his journey to Bollywood.

MTV Roadies winner, season 5

Four seasons to be shot away from India, he made a mark as he wants season 5 of Roadies, and then he wins season 2 of Bigg Boss Ashutosh is an actor and model in Mumbai. He got his first movie, Zila Ghaziabad, from where he started his journey to Bollywood.

MTV season 6 winner

Due to the huge amount of popularity and because of the craze of young people, season 6 of Roadies is extremely popular because of the contestant list. Nouman sait, by his all-hard work, will win the season and prove his luck and strength altogether.

MTV Roadies Season 7

MTV season 7 was special because it was shot in three different locations, which gained a huge amount of popularity, and since the season, MTV Roadies has gained more and more support and love from audiences. Each and every time, you can see a huge amount of participation applications by the applicant side for selection for the audition round in Roadies. If we talk about the winner of this season, then Anwar Syed won the season.

MTV Roadies winner season 8

MTV Roadies made equal and provided equal access to both the general public and its proverbs. The winner of season 8 was Anchal Khurana, the second lady winner of the shoe. After winning the show, she went on to star in different television serials and gain popularity.

MTV Roadies Winner Season 9

Vikas Khoker was the winner of season 9. He was involved in the controversies and won the title of Rodies Season 9.

MTV Roadies Winner Season 10

Season 10 winner Palak Johal was deemed the leading female winner, who showed true strength among contestants and won the show.

MTV Roadies Winner Season 11

Nikhil Sachdeva was the one who actually challenged the boundary, he gained the title of Roadies as well.

MTV Roadies Winner Season 12

Prince  narula , known as the ultimate king of the show after Ranveejay and Ayushman Khurana, was the one who gained a similar amount of popularity and maintained it throughout. He further won Splitsvilla, Big Boss, and Nach Baliye as well, which show his dedication towards passion rather than luck only.

MTV Roadies X4 Winner

The model belongs to Jalandhar and is named Balraj. He won the fourth season of Roadies. He gained popularity through the show, and he was the first turban sikh to gain the title.

MTV Roadies rising Winner

MTV Roadies Genda gained popularity through the Roadies Rising season, and Shweta Mehta, one of the most active and fit women, achieved the title of Roadies. She displayed fitness and fashion throughout the journey of Roadies Rising, where she was an athlete popular for our body weight training.

MTV Roadies Xtreme Winner

MTV Roadies Xtreme had popular contestants, but the title of Roadies winner was achieved by Kashish Thakur, who belongs to the Neha Dhupia gang and who left in the minds of the audience that he had also been observed in Splitsvilla, but unfortunately he was the runner-up in Splitsvilla, so he wouldn’t be able to gain the Splitsvilla winner title there.

MTV Roadies Real Hero Winner

Arun belongs to Raftaar Gang in the 17th season, which was the unique season because of the real heroes who got a chance to be featured in the shoe, and the TV Roadies team made sure to highlight their achievements.

MTV Roadies Revolution winner

This season 18 gained a lot of popularity because of the term “revolution, with the new theme of revolution,” in which contestants who bring some revolution to society have been provided a chance in the Roadies, where under the various talented contestants, Hamid was able to gain the title of Roadies Revolution” and win the show, although Hamid recently won the title of Splitsvilla as well.

The MTV Roadies 2022 journey to South Africa finale winner was Ashish Bhatia, and Nandu Sonu Sood was fabulous throughout.

At present, people are awaiting  roadies new season 2023, but people are also waiting for the arrival of Rannvijay. There is no doubt that Sonu Sood played the host role very well and with enthusiasm and energy, but the personality and charm of  rannvijay are missing in the show. Stay updated with us with new roadies season 19 details and keep follow our website thenewzpaper.

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