2000 Rs Note End Date, Policy & Rules In 2023

A news story has been aired since yesterday afternoon that the  2000 note will have no worth after September 30. The Reserve Bank of India on Friday announced the withdrawal of the rupee 2000 denomination bank note from circulation. However, the rupees 2000 note will continue to be legal until the central bank allows people to deposit rupees 2000 bank notes into their accounts or exchange them into bank notes of other denominations at any bank branch. An exchange facility for rupees 20000 at a time will be available from May 23rd, according to the RBI statement.

Rs 2000 note policy, rules

This decision of the RBI is more like a second surgical strike on black money. During demonetization, the government started printing Rs 2000 to give immediate relief to the people. Withdrawal of Rs 2000 would be more like curbing corruption and black money.

Twitter memes

Jairam Ramesh, on his Twitter account, stated that typical of our self-styled Vishwaguru first act second thing, the Rs 2000 note introduced with such fanfare after the singular disasters to Lucky Farman of November 8, 2016 are now being withdrawn, and Congress leader Pawan Khera also criticises the decision, stating that the cost of November 8, 2016 has come back to haunt the nation once again.

Soon after this decision to withdraw the 2000 rupee note, people started to make memes on this decision, this announcement by the RBI denomination of rupees to me to further controversy and various means, the same situation was created in November 2016 by withdrawing the 1000 rupee note while countrymen were getting scared just because they might again have to wait in long queues outside the bank to exchange currency notes, which actually resulted in the flooded Twitter with the funniest memes.

One of Twitter’s users, Kalia, created a meme called “Mean Rip Rs. 2000,” where he used Rajpal Yadav in a metamorphosis of Rs. 2000, as “Thik hai bhai, ab mein chalta hu.”

Another user, Chekrishna, made a meme in which he highlighted the picture of the popularly known character Vasuli bhai with the caption “ooy chuna laga diya” and stated that chip owner after RBI withdrawn RS 2000.

Asvaidism, a user of Twitter, mentioned a chip of a 2000 rupee note. And captioned, you will be missed.

Shashank Baranwal, one of the Twitter users, posted a video in a tweet where a man was distributing and throwing a 2000 note publically, just soon after September 11, 2000, as it would have no use.

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