MTV Roadies Audition steps, Qualification, Requirements, Application Form

MTV Roadies is a youth-based reality show that was launched in 2003 on MCB India. The show is also available on digital platforms like Jio Cinema and Voot. In this show, a group of contestants travel to their destinations and participate in various tasks that determine their future journey. The whole thing is totally scripted—not even Roadies, but all the reality shows are scripted. If you belong to a different city, you can also apply and have a visit to that city for your audition.

roadies application form

MTV Roadies every year come with a new theme, and this year the theme of MTV Roadies is “Karm Kand,” which is no longer continued by Rannvijay Singh. This year it will be led by Sonu Sood under the ganag leadership of Prince  Narula,  Rhea Chakraborty, and Gautam Gulati.

These are the most prominent faces at present that you are going to see as judges or gang leaders, but all that is difficult in getting into the Roadies journey is clarifying the audition round where you will be charged on behalf of your personality, attitude, behaviour, and the answer that you write in your phone. MTV Roadies is a popular reality show that is loved by the young generation of India. Anyone can apply for the Roadies audition, but they have to follow the registration form. You can easily find out the availability of the registration form from the MTV website. From there, you can take a clear instruction of information, and then you can fill out the form.

Application details 

Steps to complete the MTV Roadies Audition 2023 entry form

The MTV Roadies audition registration form is easy to fill out. If you are unsure of the correct method, follow these guidelines to apply. Here are the next guidelines:

  • First, you need to download the Voot app on your device.
  • Then you have to make a video, as suggested by the app.
  • You can see your login options in the Voot app.
  1. i) name
  2. ii) age

iii) Address

  1. iv) Nationality
  2. v) email address
  3. vi) details of existing social media accounts;

vii) contact number or mobile phone number

viii) Online social media accounts (videos selected by participants to log in)

  1. ix) Basic content published on social media accounts, etc.
  • Next, you will need to submit your contest video through the Voot app.
  • Your privacy  will be protected by the Voot app.
  • Your registration is now complete.

Contest video requirements

  • on the Voot app. There are many questions, and the answers need to be presented, such as why you are the perfect digital face for India’s #1 youth reality show. “
  • A video with questions and answers must be recorded in audio and video format. Required for sharing videos.
  • Participants only have to share a 60-second video clip of her; otherwise, she will be rejected.
  • The size of the recorded video must be less than 50MB. The video file format can be AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, or any other regular video format.

The MTV Roadies auditions for 2023  already has been started in various states like Delhi and Chandigarh from April 13th, 2023, to May 1st, 2023. The number of candidates who get selected for this year is around 12 to 15, and you can also see the teaser that was aired by MTV recently, officially announcing the releasing date of the Roadies 19 season by the initial week of June.

Eligibility criteria

How will you be eligible to present yourself in the mega reality show? Up to the mark on eligibility, you must have proof of nationality, and all necessary permission is required for foreign nationals, like visas. Document, permit to work, etc., Your age must be 18+, you must have a valid email address and contact number, and you should adhere to the terms and conditions for all the participants in an equal manner. You are required to send your application and video, and on that behalf, you will be called for the further interview process.

Roadies is the love of youngsters, and what they all like is to watch Prince Narula and Rannvijay every time. This year, the audience is also waiting for Rannvijay’s surprise entry, but Sonu Sood’s presence makes this show more charming and gives some enthusiastic vibes itself.

 Qualities required 

Roadies must have qualities of fearlessness, never give up quality, inspiration, hard work, smart work, charming personality, entertainment skill, sharpening, and flexible communication skill. It can be in Hindi as well, but it should be without hesitation among gang leaders.

You can watch the streaming of Roadies season 19 on Voot and Jio Cinema as Roadies 2023 is going to be aired out on June 3 from Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. only on MTV and available OTT platforms. Stay updated and stay tuned with us for the details about the contestants of this year’s Roadies season 19.

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