Who Was Reedsburg Kevin Green? Reedsburg Kevin Green Car Accident

A shocking and painful news story is going viral on the internet: a middle school child has passed away recently after being struck by a pickup truck. People get shocked and worried about such incidents, where a small child lost his life broaded in the bus. You will see the details of this incident here in this article, this news is getting circulated on the internet rapidly let see the whole matter and how a small child death occour?

Reedsburg Kevin Green death

This news is actually shocking for the family and friends of the child this is grief of loosing the most precious kid of their house according to the report a middle school student passed away on Friday morning 12 May 2023 in the town of Excelsior where a child meet to death after being hit by pick up the vehicle while trying to board a school bus.  This news got confirmed by the Sauk County Shariff office. Where the family of the child is in deep grief because they were waiting for their child who was expected to come at home but he will never going to return his home now, due to this incident. 

In their statement reads burg School district stated that youngster who’s identity has not been disclosed yet, attended web middle school where the district stated statement that this is very devasting time for the entire community and it will have for reaching effect.

As per the report of Sharif office it has been reported that the bus had been going West on a state HWY 23/33 shortly before 7:30 a.m. when it arrived at halt near Northwood drive when a Ford F150 pulled up behind the bus this student has not boarded,


As per the investigation the driver did not slow down in time and veered right to the school bus there is no report of the student abroad on the bus being injured , because the accident is also not known yet the investigation is still going on and we will update you about all the necessary details in regards to this incident. Student was pronounce death at the scene, where the responder attempted life-saving measures, as per the report of Shariff office.

Full-size pick up and ended up side-sweeping the bus before going over a drive away and striking the student. The crash remains under investigation and the reconstruction unit was seen collecting the evidence for several hours the highway had been completely closed from the time of the wreck. This is hilarious accident took place at the cost of child’s life. Stay tuned for further updates.

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