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Technology and human beings have a unique relationship, and indeed, technology plays an important role in human life. With the advent of modernity, people have doubts about the technological state where machines will replace human minds, but this is actually not going to happen because humans only create the mind. India celebrates National Technology Day on May 11th every year to celebrate the anniversary of the successful Pokharan nuclear test. On this day, the government honours several innovators and entrepreneurs each year. India conducted five nuclear tests of advanced weapon designs in the Pokharan Mountains of the Rajasthan Desert from May 11 to 13, 1998, and National Technology Day was instituted by Atal Bihari Vajpayee.


In India, May 11th is National Technology Day and has great historical significance. India has marked a monumental achievement on this day. Notably, on May 11, 1998, India became the sixth country to test a nuclear weapon, joining the elite group of nuclear powers. A successful nuclear test was conducted at the Pokhran test site in Rajasthan as part of Operation Shakti, which was directed by the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a prominent aerospace scientist and later president of India.

On May 11, Bangalore successfully tested HANSA, India’s first indigenous aircraft designed for pilot training surveillance and reconnaissance. The test launch of the Trishul surface-to-air missile was also successful on this day.


Several historical achievements in the technology industry have been achieved on this day, which makes this day more relevant at the present stage. Decades ago, India became one of the few countries in the world to possess nuclear weapons, successfully testing its first homegrown aircraft, the Hansa-3, and launching Trishul missiles all on May 11, hence since that time, Technology Day has been celebrated on May 11 every year. Technological development help India to further develop and  protect  India’s boundary by nuclear weapon generation for safety purpose

On May 11th, India’s National Technology Day celebrates the country’s technological achievements. On this day, India’s technology industry achieved a number of important milestones, including joining the Select Group of Nuclear Weapons States, successfully flying its first indigenous aircraft, and successfully test-launching the Trishul missile.

Importance of technology in our lives

Technology is important to a country’s development, but at the same time, it is becoming more important to people’s lives. In education, business, and many other areas, technology enables individuals to interact and collaborate more effectively. Without this technology, I could not imagine being able to call loved ones, read messages on devices such as laptops, and find out what is happening in other countries. Technology has enabled us to achieve higher standards of living and has opened up diverse career possibilities for people.

We can use technology to access the Internet, but without technology, it would not have been possible. This 3D games with outstanding graphics have greatly improved the education and entertainment industries. Distance learning has become possible thanks to online schools and colleges. Commercialisation of proprietary technology is the main focus of 2023 technology day. The Journey from Benchside to Business programme and its senior officials have suggested ways to push this forward. Below are some of the activities seen as part of the National Technology Day celebrations.

How to celebrate 

  • Schools and universities can sponsor the science and technology sector.
  • Schools can host various STEM competitions to give young people a platform to showcase and explore their talents.
  • Competitions and programmes related to innovation and creativity may also be held.
  • The importance of technology becomes clear in society.
  • You can focus on the proper use of technology.

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