Merry Christmas 2021 How to celebrate’s Christmas, check here

Every year on 25th December, Christmas day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, who is considered as ‘Son of God’, was born to mother Mary at Bethlehem in a stable. Jesus was believed to be the messiah of God who came to save and work for humanity. He showed the right path and made a lot of sacrifices for people. The most important is his crucifixion on the cross to nullify the sins of the world. People love and follow his teachings. “Merry Christmas 2021”

Christmas celebrations started in Rome. People start preparations for Christmas one month ago, which shows their desperation and enthusiasm for the festival. During this time, there are winter vacations and chilling cold and snow. Which adds more beauty to celebrations and approaching New Year to make the occasion filled with happiness.

How To Celebrates Christmas?

People celebrate Christmas with a lot of happiness and cherish. Celebrations of Christmas started one day ago, i.e., on 24th December, called Christmas Eve. In the evening, people visit Church to lit candles and offer prayer. On 25th December most of the people start their day by visiting Church. People decorate their houses with lights and stars. Christmas tree is placed at home and Church. The Christmas tree is decorated with lights, Santa sticks and, balloons. Other decorative materials, and a big star on the top of the tree. People hide gifts for their loved ones in the Christmas tree. Especially in socks, gifts are placed under the Christmas tree.

They visit Church to offer prayer to Lord Jesus for happiness and prosperity and sing carols. People exchange gifts with friends and family and enjoy special cakes, cupcakes, cookies baked specially for Christmas. Children wait for this day eagerly as they get many gifts, sweets, and chocolates from Santa Clause as per the belief. These gifts are placed under their bed by their parents. Which surprise them and give them a lot of happiness and joy.

Christmas is a Christian festival, but it is celebrated by people worldwide. Which symbolizes that no religion or regional car restricts the happiness, joy, and togetherness of the world. But some of the countries such as North Korea, Israel, Qatar, Morocco, Libya, and a few others do not celebrate Christmas. As they do not have liberty in religion, but any boundaries can not stop happiness. Christmas brings eternal joy and happiness with it.

For more information stay tuned with us. “Merry Christmas”

For more information stay tuned with us. “Merry Christmas”

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