International Women’s Day 2023 Theme, History, Celebration Reason

Women contribute just as much as males do to the growth of society and the nation. Women do not, however, receive the same respect or opportunities as males. But as time goes on, women are breaking down the four walls of the household to contribute in ways never before seen to the development of a country. Women are having a significant role in a variety of fields, including politics, the military, the entertainment industry, sports, and the defense ministry. Every year, International Women’s Day is hold to encourage women to participate in all areas of life and to raise awareness of their legal rights.

Women day 2023 celebration
Women day 2023 celebration

In 2023, when will be International Women’s Day?

The eighth of March is recognis as International Women’s Day. The worldwide day of celebration for women’s empowerment is March 8. In 1909, festivities for this day first began. Therefore reality, there was a labour movement in America in 1908. In this labor campaign, about 15,000 women took part, landing on the streets of New York to demand their rights. Working women want their working hours to be shorten and their pay rates to be raise. In addition to this, there was a demand in this campaign for women to be granted the right to vote. The Socialist Party of America declared Women’s Day in 1909 after the government began to hear the words of the working women’s movement.

Why celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March?


The 8th of March is designate as Women’s Day for a special cause. On March 8, American working women demonstrated in support of their liberties. The Socialist Party then declared that this day would be designate as Women’s Day. Later on in 1917, when the First World War was still raging, Russian women went on protest in support of food and peace. Later, after Emperor Nicholas resigned, women were grant the opportunity to vote. As a result, a few days later on March 8, women in Europe held protests in support of the peace advocates. This is why March 8 is International Women’s Day.

2023 Women’s Day Theme

“Embrace Equity” served as the subject for International Women’s Day this year. It entails emphasizing female equality. The topic of Women’s Day 2022 was “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” at the same time. The focus is on current female equality for a sustainable future.

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