Best 10 Amazon Prime Web Series Review, Reactions, Cast & Crew

Netflix is indeed a popular streaming OTT platform, but Amazon Prime is known for its real and quality-provided web series. You can find prominent web series like Mirzapur, Family Man, Panchayti Raaj, Family Man, etc., which have gained a huge amount of popularity on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime never disappoints its audience and always comes up with original stories that attract attention.


Mirzapur cast & Crew

Mirzapur is the most popular web series available on Amazon Prime. It has all the essential elements of an Indian crime thriller, including one strong central character, Pankaj Tripathi, that binds the multiple other characters throughout the season in the town of Mirzapur, where his command and order are set in store. The beauty of the writing of this show lies in how the director manages the multiple clock lines running in parallel while accommodating the occasional heavy star cast that delivers a performance that has something for everyone with its veritable



Panchayat is the most popular web series, where Jeetendra Kumar plays the role of secretary of the panchayat. In the series, the panchayat series basically highlights the present scenario of the panchayat, where development is still required and the practice of proxy on behalf of women is still continuing. The village was devoid of the basic facilities of washrooms and cameras.

By highlighting the problem, it also presents the solution and outcomes through the series, and for that, you must watch this inspiring series, where you will find a mixture of entertainment and emotion with versatile acting.


“Less than an hour was spent deciding the script, but it became the best decision ever to choose this film. Because each character is written with enough compassion and truth to resonate with the audience. It’s time for powerful characters to emerge who are strong, brave, and ready for action, especially when it comes to women. ” 

Breathe and Breathe into the shadow

The arrival of South Indian and Bollywood superstar Madhavan to the world of web series is his first entry into action-thrillers. Hinging on the theme of how far a man can go to protect his loved ones, the series unfolds emotional diseases, making the journey of Delhi as he sees a donor for his sick son. This series is going to highlight the love one has for the family and how one can cross the limits and go beyond them for the survival of the family.

Inside Edge

We have found the right gem to quench your cricket night craving. Glamour, fame, money, and crime perfectly describe the non-cricket side of the IPL.

We all know the discrepancy in the IPL behind the scenes, and this film highlights an impression of discrepancy in a better way. Under the cover of the game, many more things seem to be going on which was never been revealed in public spaces and have never come into the limelight. You will find out the puppet-like power, politics, and paisa impression on the IPL through Inside Edge.

Made In Heaven

It is the most popular and best available on Amazon Prime. Made in Heaven is an agency set in an agency run by two wedding planners, where every episode tries to uncover issues that modern Indian weddings face, ranging from the discovery of potency to celebrities creating rockers. Overall, the protagonist also suffers from a range of emotions. Heaven is a brilliant display of the bride and groom and their close ones as they are on the day of the wedding and face their expectations. How the wedding planner navigates the issue and deals with it is worth watching.

Why you should watch this series because of the storytelling, character, and modern-day dilemmas. What makes “made in Heaven a perfect match?

Something strange is going on in the series, which revolves around a group of people who crash-land on an island. No, we’re not talking about “Lost”, we’re talking about “The Wilds”. Even if its premise is familiar, it takes a different path. A group of teenage girls are heading to Hawaii to attend an empowered women’s retreat when their plane crashes and they are stranded on a mysterious island. Little do they know that this is all part of a larger plan.

But unlike “Lost,” which hid secrets from its viewers, “The Wilds” has more answers, and we’re more interested in how they’d survive if left alone. It is a youth series that I devour.


In an alternate timeline, Channel 4 was still producing episodes of his acclaimed sci-fi series Utopia. Unfortunately, we do not live in this world. Thankfully, the US remake is going to be just as good. Gillian Flynn, the author of Sharp Object and Gone Girl, brought the series back to Amazon with Sasha Lane, The Office’s Rainn Wilson, and John Cusack.

Truth Seeker

Get your night vision goggles ready: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have teamed up again for the supernatural comedy series Truth Seekers. This eight-part series follows a team of part-time paranormal investigators as they travel across Britain in search of evidence of the paranormal. But until they started uncovering a conspiracy that could bring Armageddon to all mankind, it was a fun game of homemade gadgets and comedic antics.

Family Man

Dominated by protagonist Shrikant Tiwari and Manoj Bajpai’s on-screen performances, The Family Man is an action film drama sprinkled with a light shower of comedy, full stop. Srikanth, an everyday common man working as an intelligence agent in a fictional branch of the national intelligence agency, aims to nab militants with a fearless attitude. 

Along with the team, Srikant set out to stop terror trying to stay one step ahead of bad guys but due to what affected his personal life, his child and what makes this series most worthy to watch is the management by Srikanth while struggling with his passion and maintaining his family. For more latest updates stay connected with us and keep following our website thenewzpaper.  

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