Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th September 2021 written Updates: Did Priya sign the Contract?

Today’s in this article we are going to tell you about Bade acche lgte hai 2 today’s latest episode. As we know Bade acche lagte hai season 1 was so popular show and got lots TRP. That’s why the producer again come back with season 2 of the serial. In the last episode, we saw that ram Kapoor and Priya agree to get married to each other. But they both clear their feelings that they both are getting married only for their families and they don’t have any love feelings. In the previous episode, we also watched that they get engaged. But between the function, Ram’s aunt listened to Priya’s sister and brother-in-law talk that Priya and he had been in a relationship before.

After listening to all these things they create lots of drama in a function where Priya and her family face insults, But Ram handles the things very smartly and makes everyone comfortable. After the function everyone went there house, then Mahender Priya’s father comes to the house, everyone gets shocked. He said that he permanently came back here and many more things. Mahendra acts nice in front of everyone but secretly wants to ruin Ram and Priya’s marriage. Meanwhile, Nandini questions the sood family about their trouble.

Did Priya sign the Contract?

Once again Priya and her family are in trouble because of her father Mahendra. Nandni asks about her parent’s relationship after a few minutes. Ram comes there and he also asks about her family problems but Priya got angry and goes from there. Then Ram take favor for her and the Priya family was so happy with his reaction. In Today’s episode, we will watch that Ram Maa wants Priya to sign a contract before marriage. In which mentioned that if any reason Ram and Priya want a divorce after marriage. So she doesn’t have any authority over Ram Kapoor’s property. Ram is against this decision of his mother, Now let’s watch did Priya sign the contract or not? For more latest updates stay connect with us and stay safe!

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