Why We Celebrate Bhai Dooj? History & Importance Of Bhai Dooj

Numerous celebrations are commended in our country. All celebrations have their own diverse significance in the existence of individuals. Deepawali is viewed as the greatest celebration of Hindus. The celebration of Bhai Dooj is commended on the third day of Deepawali. Which is otherwise called Yama Dwitiya. On Bhai Dooj, the sister appeals to God for the sibling’s long life. Bhaiya Dooj is the second celebration after Rakshabdhan, which shows the enormous love among siblings and sisters.

Each celebration in our nation is made with a relationship of adoration. In numerous fanciful legends, it is said that the sibling-sister relationship is consistently prepared to forfeit their life for one another. The tale of Bhai Dooj is likewise comparative in which the sibling and sister both appeal to God for a glad life for one another. Bhai Dooj is a celebration of thoughtful love wherein the sister welcomes her sibling to his home, After that, she follows a custom called tilak in the Hindu religion, causes him to eat desserts, and wishes him a decent and secure future.

Bhai Dooj is praised in India just as in Nepal. This Bhai Dooj celebration is praised after the Deepawali celebration. The festival is indicated by the Hindu schedule, this celebration is praised in the period of Kartik. This day is praised actually like Rakshabandhan. On this unique event, siblings offer many gifts to their sisters and as a trade-off, the sisters wish for their siblings along and glad life. This celebration is viewed as an image of the unlimited love of sibling and sister.

History of Bhai Dooj

Yamraj and Yamuna are the offspring of Chhaya, the spouse of Suryadev. The Yamuna used to demand her sibling Yamraj tenderly that they go to her home and have food. In any case, Yamraj used to concede the question of the Yamuna due to being occupied. On seeing Yamraj at her entryway on Kartik Shukla Dwitiya, Yamuna was pleased. She invited the sibling and get him food. Satisfied with this, Yamraj requested that the sister request her desire. Then, at that point, the sister let the sibling know that you need to come here consistently to feast with me, and on this day, Yaraj gave her this desire and from that day, It is accepted that the siblings who wash up in the Yamuna on this day acknowledge the neighborliness of the sisters with full dedication then Yamraj won’t hurt any of them.

The Importance of Celebrating

Bhai Dooj is commended two days after Diwali. As per the legends, quite a long time back, onh this devout day, Yamraj, the lord of death visited His sister the Yamuna, additionally called Yami. To invite her sibling, she had put the favorable tilak on his brow, and afterward, they ate, talked, and partook in together and traded uncommon gifts as a badge of their affection for one another.

From that point forward it became unavoidable for the sibling to go to his sister’s home to observe Bhaiya Dooj. It is a day devoted to sisters. The sister for the most part goes toward the beginning of the day and does the Puja in the mother’s home before the siblings leave for their places of study or work.

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