Rajasthan’s Horror Case: Seven-year-old raped, killed & neighbor arrested, Check details

Rajasthan Rape & murder: One another rape case in India that is very sad for our nation. These days rape is like general or common news because the Indian government can’t take strict action. This case is done in Rajasthan state in Nagaur district. It’s is very sad full to know that the victim is a minor girl. It means the girl’s age is not more than 10 years old. A baby girl’s age is seven years old.

Case information in detail

In a horrible incident, a seven years old girl was reportedly raped and murdered in Rajasthan Nagaur district. As a suspect and information, it’s done through her neighbor and now he is in police custody. This incident was done on Monday, 20th September. According to the victim’s family statement, their daughter playing outside the home. After some time they start searching for her. Because she can’t see anywhere. The girl’s family reached the nearby police station at 9 pm. Primarily, the baby girl’s body was found in a nearby area at 3 am the next day. According to police, the neighbor was last seen with the girl by villagers, reported Hindustan Times. He reportedly kidnaps the girl and took her to a private place, and then did rapes & murders her. After accomplishing the rape, he murdered the baby girl.

The accused age is 20 years old. When the police founded him and arrest him that time he was drunk and not in good condition. Padu Kalan station house officer Ashok Bishu said the man was already planned for kidnap, rape, and murder. Hanuman Beniwal demanded strict custody for such a bad human. Merta legislator Indira Bawri has met the victim’s girl family and give a statement in his Twitter account that, We stand with them for justice and action against the accused. And also show sympathy in his message May God gives peace to the departed soul. RIP

He already prepares with his useless plan and did this horrible rape and murdered a minor girl. After founding the body police give in hospital for post mortem and then handed over to her family. The Rajasthan police were investigates the detailed investigation into the case. Before the court hiring, the accused was under remanded custody. For more details stay connected with us.

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