Petrol, diesel prices unchanged for over 2 weeks: Check latest rates

Petroleum and diesel costs stayed unaltered across metros for the fifteenth back-to-back day on Monday, September 20. The state-run oil promoting organizations (OMCs) have kept the fuel costs consistent regardless of a negligible fall in worldwide raw petroleum rates. As indicated by a value list by OMCs, retail siphon petroleum cost in Delhi was last modified to Rs 101.19 a liter and diesel to Rs 88.62 per liter, the costs continued as before on Monday in the public capital. Additionally, in Mumbai, fuel costs stayed static, as petroleum and diesel were sold at Rs 107.26 and Rs 96.19 per liter separately. As of now, among the four metro urban communities, fuel rates additionally are the most noteworthy in Maharashtra’s capital as of now.

India is close to 85 percent reliant upon unrefined petroleum imports to fulfill its fuel needs. State-run oil purifiers, for example, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, and Indian Oil modify petroleum and diesel costs consistently, by considering the raw petroleum costs in worldwide business sectors and the rupee-dollar trade rates. Any corrections are executed at 6 am IST consistently. Likewise, Fuel rates differ across India because Central extract and state governments required worth-added charges (VAT) among others which compensate for practically 50% of the retail selling cost of both key fills.

Taxes Petrol & Diesel

In the meantime, raw petroleum costs edged lower on Monday following misfortunes from Friday after the U.S. dollar leaped to a three-week high and the U.S-based apparatus count expanded. Even if almost a fourth of U.S. Bay of Mexico’s raw creation remained disconnected in the wake of two twisters, Reuters revealed. Subsequent to losing 33 pennies on Friday, Brent’s rough prospects fell 27 pennies, or 0.4 percent, to $75.07 a barrel at 0050 GMT. While, the U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) pursued a comparative direction as rough prospects fell 30 pennies, or 0.4 percent, to $71.67 a barrel, in the wake of dropping 64 pennies on Friday.

Here are the petroleum and diesel costs across all significant urban communities across India:


Petroleum – Rs 107.26 per liter

Diesel – Rs 96.19 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 101.19 per liter

Diesel – Rs 88.62 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 98.96 per liter

Diesel – Rs 93.26 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 101.62 per liter

Diesel – Rs 91.71 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 109.63 per liter

Diesel – Rs 97.43 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 105.26 per liter

Diesel – Rs 96.69 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 104.70 per liter

Diesel – Rs 94.04 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 97.05 per liter

Diesel – Rs 88.05 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 98.30 per liter

Diesel – Rs 89.02 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 98.26 per liter

Diesel – 95.70 per liter

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